Terms and Conditions


The words you and your refer to You, the Customer. The words we, us and our refer to Ford Office Technologies.

1. You are responsible for payment of the sale and related taxes (unless PA State Sales tax exemption certificate is on file with Ford Office Technologies).

2. You are responsible for any shipping and handling costs or other related services (unless otherwise arranged and/or noted).

3. You and Ford Office Technologies will mutually arrange the location, date, and time that the equipment purchased is to be delivered and received.

4. Ford Office Technologies shall own and be responsible for the equipment until the equipment is delivered to a pre-arranged receiving location.

5. Ford Office Technologies shall properly install equipment only if you provide a suitable location with proper power source according to product requirements and in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer.

6. Ford Office Technologies is not responsible for damage to or loss of data resulting from installation of equipment on your network. You are responsible for backing up your data prior to work being done on the equipment.

7. NOTE: Service performed by Ford Office Technologies on computer drive problems or related problems will be billed at current Ford Office Technologies rates.

8. Limited Warranty and Security Arrangement provisions are required and agreed upon as a condition of this Sales Agreement


1. You grant Ford Office Technologies a security interest in the equipment purchased beginning at the time of delivery, and until Ford Office Technologies receives payment in full.

2. In accordance, you shall be in default should Ford Office Technologies not receive full payment in the manner specified on the Sales Agreement (Invoice).

3. Should you default, Ford Office Technologies has the right and may exercise any process provided to secured parties by Uniform Commercial Code and Laws. Any expenses incurred for collection and/or enforcement of our rights and processes used, including: attorney fees, transportation and storage costs, as well as court costs, will be your responsibility.


1. Ford Office Technologies warrants your equipment purchased on this Sales Agreement to be free of defects and/or materials for 90 days. Please note that any equipment sold “as is” will have no warranty.

2. Warranty to begin at the time of delivery and will expire after a 90 day warranty period. (Supplies are not included unless otherwise stated in a comprehensive maintenance agreement that is mutually accepted by you and Ford Office Technologies.

3. Warranty will not cover any defect or condition that is interpreted as misuse and/or abuse by you or end user.

4. Warranty will not cover damage as a result of failure to observe Instructions or Directions furnished by the manufacturer, including proper use, storage and routing maintenance as recommended in the owners’ manual and/or disk. Refurbished units are not covered under the Limited Warranty. Coverage may be purchased, at time of sale, under a Maintenance Agreement.

5. In order to receive service and/or repairs under this limited warranty, you must notify Ford Office Technologies within 90 days of the installation date at the main office in Connellsville during normal business hours. Verification of the equipment allows an arrangement to be made from Ford Office Technologies so that a repair or replacement, as determined by manufacturer and/or Ford Office Technologies, will be rendered.

6. Ford Office Technologies will not be liable for any financial losses and/or expenses that you or user claim, as a result of any malfunction and/or operator failure under this Limited Warranty.

7. Ford Office Technologies will have no obligation to pay you except in the case where Ford Office Technologies elects to remedy the defect or problem by a partial or total purchase price refund.